Foxthorpe Livery Terms & Conditions

Here’s an update on a few things that we are changing and would like everyone to consider.

Extra services such at farrier, vet, dentist etc will now be at a cost if you can not attend to be there when your horse has the appointment and a handling fee of £10 will now have to be paid and be booked ahead. If less than 24hrs it will be £15.
If there are any large deliveries such as hay please be there to move and store your own delivery away otherwise you can pay a £10 fee for this to be done by yard staff.

If your horse is on box rest or staying in out of owners choice the only responsibility that we have for the horse is to do a full muck out, feed, hay nets and water any veterinary or therapy needs, skipping out etc need to be done by the owner as these are the owners responsibility.

DIY days, please ensure that you are down on these days to do your own turn out or bring in. We would by no means leave a horse out on their own or in on their own but it is still the owners responsibility to be there to ensure their horse is being turned out or brought in that day depending on which one you are doing, also to offload the yard staff of extra work they are not supposed to be doing.