At Foxthorpe Farm, our indoor and outdoor arena hire services provide the ideal platform for riders to pursue their passion, come rain or shine. Discover the joy of riding in these expertly designed spaces, where every hoofbeat resonates with the spirit of equine excellence.

Our Stables

Our Stables are constructed using steel and super strong concrete panels. With dark wood stained timber fronts and high sides they provide the ideal safe surround our horses deserve. They are designed so that our horses can see what's going on and easily socialise with staff & each other when stabled.

Each stable is 12x12 and has rubber matting on the floors for extra comfort and safety.

The walkways are 2.4 meters wide ensuring plenty of room for manoeuvring and cleaning.

The stable block is within easy access to all paddocks, wash facilities and arena’s. So moving around is safe and less time consuming.

Indoor Arena

Step into our spacious 40m x 20m indoor arena, illuminated by brilliant floodlights that cast a warm glow even in the darkest hours. This facility is meticulously designed to provide riders with an optimal environment for practice and training. Whether you are refining your dressage skills, mastering show jumping techniques, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, our indoor arena offers a sheltered haven. No matter the weather outside, riders can focus on their passion in this well-lit, climate-controlled space, ensuring a comfortable and productive experience.

Outdoor Arena

Our expansive 60m x 40m outdoor arena is a true marvel, offering riders the freedom to embrace the great outdoors while refining their horsemanship skills. Floodlit for both day and night use, this arena provides a breath-taking backdrop for riders to practice amidst the beauty of nature. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, this arena ensures year-round usability, allowing riders to hone their craft even in challenging weather. Whether you're training for a competition or simply enjoying a ride with the wind in your hair, our outdoor arena offers the perfect setting for riders of all levels.

Book Our Facilities

Click the button below to navigate to the booking page to make your booking! If you want to hire our facilities for 1-4 hours in a day you must chose "regular" option. If you want to hire for over 4 hours choose "day rate".