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Day Event Arena Hire

Day Event Arena Hire

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At Foxthorpe Farm, we are thrilled to offer our esteemed clients access to our world-class indoor and outdoor arena hire services, ensuring your riding experiences are nothing short of extraordinary. Our facilities are meticulously designed to cater to riders of all levels, providing a haven for passion, practice, and events. Allow us to introduce you to the epitome of equestrian excellence.


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Why Chose Us?

At Foxthorpe Farm, we're not just offering arenas; we're providing a canvas for your equestrian dreams to unfold. Experience the freedom, versatility, and joy of riding in our top-tier facilities. Book your all-day event, practice your skills, and create lasting memories surrounded by the beauty of our indoor and outdoor arenas.

Indoor Arena Hire (40m x 20m): Step into our spacious indoor arena, spanning an impressive 40m x 20m, providing ample room for riders to hone their skills, regardless of the weather outside. Floodlit to perfection, this arena offers a well-lit, climate-controlled environment, ensuring your riding sessions are comfortable and focused. Whether you're perfecting your dressage moves, mastering show jumping techniques, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, our indoor arena is your sanctuary. And here's the exciting part – you can book our indoor arena all day, transforming it into the ideal venue for your equestrian event. Host competitions, clinics, or even private gatherings - the arena is yours to command.

Outdoor Arena Hire (60m x 40m): Embrace the great outdoors in our expansive outdoor arena, covering an impressive 60m x 40m, floodlit for day and night use. Designed to withstand all weather conditions, our outdoor arena is your ticket to unrestricted riding, regardless of rain, snow, or sunshine. Imagine the freedom of galloping under the open sky, with your horse's mane dancing in the wind. Like the indoor arena, our outdoor facility can be booked all day, providing the perfect canvas for your special events. From grand equestrian showcases to intimate family gatherings, our outdoor arena is versatile and ready to accommodate your vision.

Why Foxthorpe Farm Arena Hire Services?

  • All-Day Booking: Enjoy the flexibility of booking our arenas all day for your specific events, ensuring you have ample time to create memorable experiences.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Whether you're a professional rider, an aspiring competitor, or an event organizer, our arenas cater to your diverse needs.
  • Expertly Maintained: Our arenas are impeccably maintained to guarantee a safe and enjoyable riding experience for both you and your equine partners.
  • Passionate Community: Join a vibrant community of horse enthusiasts, where the love for equestrian sports and camaraderie flourish.

Unleash your riding potential at Foxthorpe Farm – where every hoofbeat resonates with passion and possibility!

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